School construction

At Questworks, education is as much a part of our heritage as excavators, solar panels, hammers, helmets and motorcycles.

While the effectiveness of a school largely depends on the lecturers, teachers, administrators, students and families who make up the educational community, the structures that house them also make a significant impact.

It takes experience, commitment, passion and the teamwork we learned back when we were the Project Team for Strathmore University, before we spun-off to begin Questworks a decade ago. We learned how to get everyone on the same page from the very beginning to the end of the project.

School construction and design experience

From the actual school buildings themselves to the facilities and athletic complexes that surround them, at Questworks, we’ve built a little bit of everything related to higher education. And we’ve gone back to the classroom to teach and to learn time and time again.

Just like in our other areas of focus, our educational-facility construction is on-time, on-budget and built to last. It’s simple math if you ask us.

Where healthcare construction is headed today

Through the years, we’ve seen healthcare design and construction evolve as technological developments, medical breakthroughs and regulatory environments have impacted facilities. Today, care providers are transitioning from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model — one that requires healthcare design and construction to support patient outcomes and population health management.

Clinics are being strategically placed and structured to support populations and help patients move toward healthier lifestyles. Today, facilities must support impactful care that keeps patients out of hospitals and gets them healthy as quickly as possible.

We’ve delivered both luxury residences and affordable housing

Some of what we consider our most satisfying work at Questworks is constructing living spaces that promote family life and well-being. From small houses, to large government-sponsored budget apartment complexes, to luxury residences, to student housing, we have done them all.

Supporting your process, streamlining your workflow, maximizing your capacity

Your industrial facility should support your operations, helping direct the flow of materials and machinery while maximizing your productive space. At Questworks, our process starts with a keen set of ears and dedicated listening to best understand just how you want to use your facility. We then design and build your facility specifically to support your operation. From production and manufacturing to logistics, we are experienced in building facilities that support a range of systems and processes, including:

  • Full-scale manufacturing lines
  • Heavy machinery
  • Raw materials processing

When it comes to building systems and structures, we select what’s best for the job. In addition to classic building materials, we’ve delivered complex industrial construction facilities using a range of materials, technologies and project approaches.

Quality office construction creates exceptional working environments

At Questworks, we approach office-facility construction with the goal of creating an atmosphere that’s exceptional. A decades of experience building office spaces have taught us what businesses need in an office to help them get.

Flow, allocation of space, size of waiting room — we’ve thought about it all and have the expertise to help you make your office space smarter.

Renovations & additions

As your organization grows, you need a facility that can keep up. It must meet your needs, serve your long-term strategic goals and drive efficiency in your operations, logistics and energy usage.

At Questworks, we deliver just that. Our team understands the intricacies of project planning and guides you through the process of facility renovation or expansion to achieve your vision.

A smarter, best-value approach

By taking a smart approach, we turn the toughest project challenges into opportunities, and the impossible becomes merely another job. We’ve built our company by taking an innovative Design-Build approach, in which we deliver the absolute best value for your project. Starting with our most powerful tool, a good set of ears, we listen to you and collaborate with you to prioritize project goals given your constraints. Early on, we put together a team of experts just right for your project, including architects, engineers, surveyors, energy-efficiency professionals, specialty trades to get the job done. Working together as a tight unit from start to finish, our team identifies and executes the best-value solutions to deliver your project better, faster and smarter. Taking single-source responsibility for all project elements, we deliver a smooth project and a strong facility that meets your needs.

Retail & restaurant construction

Change is the only constant in the retail and restaurant industries. Thriving requires a special combination of thoughtful planning and bold ideas to stay afloat amid disruption after disruption.

We’ve delivered retail and restaurant construction projects for local and international brands. Our goal is simple: Turn owners’ ideas into magnetic destinations. Whether we’re remodeling a small suite, renovating or expanding an existing property or building something new from the ground up, we think about retail and restaurant construction projects in much the same way as site owners do.

The destination mindset

We know how dramatically retail and dining has changed in the last decade. Our job is to address both the immediate and long-term challenges in settings where change is the norm. That means designing for adaptability, keeping floorplans wide open and even choosing temporary, less costly construction materials for properties in near-constant need of renovation or expansion.

Questworks focuses on your long-term and saves time and money.