We are exclusive distributors for CFMoto and Zontes ICE motorcycles and ATVs for the private rider market. We assemble and distribute Beth motorcycles for the taxi-motorcycle sector.

Beth Mobility’s mission is to supply and service high-quality motorcycles as a solution to traffic, high cost of fuel and difficulties in parking. Our clients save time, money and energy. They are more productive and happier, and we are proud of having something to do with that.


E-mobility is clean and efficient.

We are working to accelerate the shift to zero- carbon transportation in Africa with ultra-efficient EVs we can all afford.

Why are we investing in E-Mobility? The undeniable threat of climate change and the rising cost of fuel make the case for E-mobility stronger every day. An electric vehicle produces emissions that can only be matched by a magic internal combustion vehicle that runs on unicorn farts. And for mass transportation, E-mobility will soon become -as fast as we can make vehicles affordable and reliable- the obvious choice in a growing number of applications.